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 Bass Amplifiers: 

PRICING UPDATE - The Model One 20W Bass Amp's 2010 price is $799. The product flyer is now correct.

                              The Model 260-UL 75W Bass Amp's 2010 price is $1199. The product flyer is now correct. 

                              Please call for pricing on the Bass Cabinets. 

The product flyers now show dimensions and weight for the amplifier and bass cabinets. 

Model One Bass Amplifier:          True "Class A" operation with 20W RMS of CLEAN power.  

Model One Bass Amp and 110 Cabinet in Black Tolex:           Model One Bass Amp and 110 Cabinet in Wine Tolex/Almond:


The Model One Bass is a true "Class A" bass amplifier with great tone and sustain. Its Class A operation ensures sustain not common with bass amplifiers and is surprisingly loud for a 20W amplifier. It was originally designed to be used as a recording or rehearsal amplifier but we discovered that when coupled to an efficient bass cabinet that it has plenty of output for LIVE use in small/medium size rooms. 

The Model One Bass shares the same preamplifier circuitry as its big brother the Model 260-UL, including a "Input Sensitivity Control"  (or Customizable Gain Potentometer)  that allows you to get MAXIMUM clean volume from a variety of Bass pickups. It also features the standard Bass, Mid, Treble passive tone circuitry and Master Volume control. 

In addition, the Model One has a Line Out and Send Level control that can be used as a "slave out" to a larger amplifier. This enables the Bass Player to plug into the Model One for it's great all-tube tone and sustain, and then pipe that sound into a more powerful bass amplifier or PA.A great combination is the Model One with a 110 Bass cabinet used as a stage monitor, feeding a Model 260-UL amp with a 115, 115 Two-way or 118 Two-Way cabinet.

Model One Bass Amp Product Flyer  >>>      Model One Bass Amp Flyer.pdf       (Click to open, right-click to save) 


Model 260-UL Ultralinear Bass Amplifier w/ 2-way sealed 118 Bass Cabinet: 


This amplifier is an all tube "wide-band" amplifier based on the "Williamson" amplifier circuit that was state of the art in 1949! The circuitry uses modern grounding and is studio quiet.  It can also serve as an excellent Old School studio Hi-Fi monitor amplifier with its full range response of  20 to 20K hz. Why would a bass player need that kind of response?         My answer...    Harmonics! 

Its response withstanding, the Model 260-UL is tailored for the Professional Bass Player.  It has an Input Sensitivity Control on the input stage, that allows MAXIMUM clean volume from a variety of Bass pickups.  It also features the standard Bass, Mid, Treble passive tone circuitry and Master Volume control.  In addition, there are seperate "Active" Pre-Master Volume Mid-Bass and Presence controls.  You can really dial in your tone with this configuration.   It also features a variable Line Output (send to PA) and Send Level controls, and and impedance selector switch.  

This amp will really go LOW when it is coupled to a speaker cabinet that will accurately reproduce frequencies below 100hz.  For bass you can feel and hear, combine this head with one of our 115 or 118 Two-Way sealed cabinets. 

Model 260-UL Bass Amplifier Product Flyer  >>>     Model 260-UL Bass Amp Flyer.pdf       (Click to open, right-click to save)