Specializing in Vintage Amp Repair and Restoration, Custom Vacuum Tube Amps and Cabinets for Musicians.
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About Old School Amps

 I decided to start the company Old School Amps at the end of 2005, as a result of re-discovering my passion for Vacuum Tube Amplifiers.  Since the 1970's, I have performed locally as drummer and guitar player. This presented me with the opportunity to hear, use and repair many of these fascinating pieces of "Sound-Art". 

My history (for those who are interested). For those who aren't, skip down to Building Amplifiers:
My first amp job was in 1962, when I modified an old Silvertone dual 12" guitar amplifier and turned it into a 1960's Sock Hop Rig.  Yes, I was a DJ, what can I say!  This only lasted one year.   (I found out it was WAY cooler to actually be IN the band when I got to hear Buffalo Springfield play at my high school. Later, I took a job as a projectionist at a couple of local theaters. Working in the theaters also exposed me to entertainment and "Theater" sound systems from University, Altec Lansing and JBL.
After seeing the "amazing" Carmine Apice play drums with Jeff Beck, I was inspired to take up the drums. I bought Carmine's book "Realistic Rock" along with my first drumset.  (By the way, I highly recommend that book to anyone wanting to learn to play the drums!)  I set up the drumkit behind the screen of the movie theater and practiced after school.  That is how I taught myself how to play drums.
Once I got good enough on the drums, I started jamming and playing drums with several local groups. Not wanting to give up my day job and to play in the bar circuit, I quit playing drums for 5 years. During this time, I learned how to play guitar and wrote a few songs. Then, after an encounter with Jesus, I began playing drums again in local churches.  My desire to "Play for God", was honored, when I received the opportunity to join the Christian rock group "Messenger". I performed and recorded with Messenger for 5 years, and participated in their prison ministry.  This was when I learned that "I don't like prison". (I totally respect Johnny Cash). Messenger continues to perform their very meaningful prison ministry.  God Bless you guys.  
Since 2006, we have been very busy in the research, development and testing of our products.  I have enlisted assistance from many local musicians in testing my products. Special thanks to you all!  You know who you are.

Building Amplifiers:
Over the years, I have witnessed some of my guitar and bass playing friends "Quest for Tone". This experience enabled me to develop an ear for great tone (and to to suffer some pretty bad tone as well!)   Also, listening to my vintage Fender, Magnatone and Rickenbacker amps, I thought it would be a nice challenge to see if I could recreate that sound from scratch.  So, I built my own version of a 59 Princeton, and called it the Model One guitar amplifier.  I found that there is a lot more to building an amplifier that just soldering the correct value of components together. After a years time, I finally perfected the little beast and I am quite proud of it. 
It seemed that once the juices started flowing, I was inspired with many other ideas for amplifiers and cabinets, and built a couple of bass amplifiers, the Model One Bass and Model 260-UL Bass amplifier.  Thus, I began to create and build my own designs of "all tube" amplifiers for the Guitar and Bass Player.  The circuits are based on the great classic Western Electric circuits from the 50's and 60's, but with modern safety and reliability improvements. I strive for a dead quiet amplifer that is suitable for recording and live perfomances.  I personally test and play each amp that I build and sell.

Custom Designed Cabinets:
Old School Amps offers both custom and standard cabinets for amplifiers, and speakers. In addition, custom cabinets may be specially designed anb built for the customer.

We are excited and passionate about the products that we are creating. We think you will be too!
Dale Murrow
Old School Amps 

Old School Amps of Olympia, Washington was founded in 2005 and is registered in the State of of Washington. 

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