Specializing in Vintage Amp Repair and Restoration, Custom Vacuum Tube Amps and Cabinets for Musicians.
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Custom Designed Cabinets:      (We are working on a price list for the cabinets - thanks for your patience.) 

We have designed and offer a complete line of Bass Guitar Cabinets with Black Tolex finish. Our Bass Models are computer designed and feature hand-built crossover networks, tailored to match the drivers installing in the cabinets. Models available at this time:              

               110 Bass rated at 250W RMS (tuned and ported with 7 yr limited warranty)

               115-HO Bass (High Output - tuned and ported with 7 year limited warranty)

               115 Two-Way Bass (Studio - sealed cabinet design - with 5 year limited warranty)

               118 Two-Way Bass (Studio - sealed cabinet design - with 5 year limited warranty) 

Our Guitar cabinets are open-back and sealed designs that are slightly larger than the typical cabinet. Our cabinets sound warmer and fuller than the usual guitar cabinet. This is due to the slightly larger volume and choice of materials. 

               110 Guitar, 112 Guitar and 115 Guitar 

We also offer premium quality Satin Urethane and Clear-Coated Australian Pine guitar cabinets, that are the Ultimate in Sound and Appearance!  They are very light weight and have durable finishes. The Clear Coated finish is hand buffed and can only be called "mirror-like". They are suitable for display and use in the finest Commercial Studios, Houses of Worship or Home Studios.   I also plan to offer a "convertible" line of guitar cabinets. This allows the user to easily configure the cabinet either as a sealed, bass-reflex or standard open back configuration. 

210 Guitar Cabinet - Standard Black Tolex w-silver cloth

Micro-Amp in Custom Satin Finished Radiata Pine:

Bass Amps and Cabinets: 

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