Specializing in Vintage Amp Repair and Restoration, Custom Vacuum Tube Amps and Cabinets for Musicians.
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Sept 14, 2015 UPDATE:   My health has returned to the point that OLD SCHOOL  AMPS is once again accepting repair work for tube amplifiers. Thanks again for your continued support and business.

It is very much appreciated!             Dale Murrow

How to Purchase OLD SCHOOL AMPS Products:

If you are interested in purchasing an amp or cabinet, please send me an e-mail or call me, indicating what you would like to buy. I will prepare a PayPal Invoice with the firm pricing on it, and then send it to your e-mail address.  You review the invoice for accuracy, and then click a "Pay" button. You then are taken to PayPal's secure payment processing page.  You can use your PayPal account or major credit card to make the payment. The funds are then deposited in my PayPal account, minus the small payment processing fee.

Product Availability - Currently, all of my amps and cabinets are "build to order". This may change in the future, but for now that is how I do it.  It usually takes about a month from the time the order is received until you will receive your amplifier. I have a short wait list right now, but if you inquire, I will give you an estimated completion date. We do have some standard cabinets on the shelf,and those would ship ASAP. 

Deposit, and Payments - For Amplifier orders, I will bill you for a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of the order. I use this deposit to purchase the more expensive parts such as transformers, speakers, cabinets and tubes.  When the Amp is complete and tested, and is ready to ship, I will invoice you again for the other 50% plus the shipping charges. I use Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery, as it is the best deal I could find and Fedex takes good care of the package.  

Returns, Etc.

7 Day money back guarantee - If you purchase an amp or cabinet, and you are unhappy with it, you have 7 days to return it for a full refund. You will have to pay the shipping, and return it in the original packaging. It must be in like new condition. If it is not, you will have to pay a 10% restocking fee

Dale Murrow 

Vintage Amp Restoration and Repairs:               
"We specialize in Vintage Tube Amplifier repairs, restoration, circuit modifications, Biasing, troubleshooting and updating vintage amplifiers to use modern 3 prong AC grounding".

Getting that Sound:   If you need help dialing your amp in to get the sound you are after, I can help! 

"I specialize in helping guitar and bassists get the sound they are looking for.  The players style, instrument, pickups and the guitars setup, choice of tubes, speaker and the cabinet are all critical factors. I can optimize the tube amplifier's circuitry to match these components, by dialing in the amplifier's tone and bias circuitry. I can do this WHILE YOU PLAY.  This allows you to hear the modification in REAL TIME.
Since the amplifier is a critical component of the overall sound, it's Gain Structure affects your overall technique and the amps overall response and tone.
If the Gain Structure in an amp is designed correctly, the amplifier will allow the player to feel the amps response yielding much greater control of the amps overall sound. I strive to build "touch sensitivity" into all my amplifiers".

Dale Murrow

Replacement Parts:

Old School Amps is an authorized dealer for Jensen Loudspeakers.  We also stock JJ, Winged-C Groove Tubes and Sovtek tubes for most amplifiers.
We can also help you find original parts and have a supply of New Old Stock (NOS) vacuum tubes. If you need something, just ask!
Old School Amps Products now Available              Please  take a look at our current Products page.           (Just click on the link).

We are now accepting orders for the following (all tube) Old School Amps products:

Model One Guitar Amp (6 Watts - Class A)                                         Available in Head and 10" Combo Amp versions

Classic Reverb 20W Guitar Amp (20 Watts - Class A)                       Available in Head and 12" Combo Amp versions

"The Classic Reverb 20W is the official name of the product formerly known as the "X-AMP prototype" combo amplifier. Many of you may remember it as my "Green Amp", in the shop, or from stage testing or local guitar shows. I am I am currently building serial no: 001 for a customer.

Model One Bass Amp (20 Watts - Class A)                                        Head Only  

Classic Reverb 45W Guitar/Bass Amplifier   (45W Class AB1)        Head Only. Can be optimized for Guitar or Bass (choice of EL34 or 6L6-GC)

Model 260-UL Bass Amp (75W Class AB1)                                        Head Only.  Redesigned                      

Speaker cabinets are available by request. 

Custom Products:              If you need something a little different, I can help.  Just let me know what you need.  

This page was last updated on June 4, 2013