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 Guitar Amplifiers 

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Model One Guitar Amplifier Head (Black Tolex or Pine w- Hand Rubbed Oil Finish):               Head:  $699

Class A Cathode Biased - Rated at 6W RMS 

Model One w-110 Speaker Cabinet in Pine.       Model One w-112 in Standard Black Tolex.


The Model One Guitar amp is my interpretation of the late 50's tweed Princeton. I build each one of these amps by hand using a hand built Garolite eyelet circuit board and point to point wiring.  I use only American made  electrolytic capacitors and components.  I really build this amplifier "Old School".  

I also use only a special "air-gapped" type of output transformer. In a Class A design, this is essential to eliminate core saturation (and subsequent distortion) in the output transformer. This arrangement ensures maximum volume and tone when the amplifier is pushed. I have also included a standard 50's style Tone control, and a Master Volume control.  

There is another feature that sets this amp apart. This feature is a Power Amplifier Mode switch, located on the rear. This switch controls the damping factor of the amplifier. You have three modes of operation:  Early Tweed,  Late Tweed and Modern.   This switch allows you to match the amplifier to the type of speaker that you choose. For example:   

"Early Tweed" works best for Alnico magnet speakers.  This mode is reflective of amplifier design of the early 1950's, using NO Negative Feedback.

"Late Tweed" works uses Negative Feedback, as was common in the late 1950's amplifiers.  This is the standard mode and works well with most speakers.

"Modern" is a specially designed Frequency Compensation circuit.  This mode balances the relative volume of your guitar, from string to string. Typical unwound G strings tend to ring louder than the other strings. The Modern Mode corrects this.  The net effect is that the guitar becomes more playable.

Model One Guitar Amp Product Flyer  >>>  Model One Guitar Amp Flyer.pdf     (Click to open, right-click to save)

Classic Reverb 20W Combo Guitar Amplifier  (Class A 20W RMS)                               $1050             Product Flyer >>> Classic Reverb 20W Flyer.pdf

Includes Spring Reverb, Footswitch and 12" Speaker, either Jensen MOD12-50 or Weber Signature 12

Classic Reverb 45W Guitar/Bass Amplifier  (Class AB1 45W RMS)         Head only: $1199

Includes tube driven Accutronics Spring Reverb,

Classic Reverb Amp Product Flyer  >>>     Classic Reverb Flyer.pdf  (Click to open, right-click to save)

This all tube Amplifier is based on the Classic '59 Bassman 5F6-A circuit with some unique improvements. I combined this classic circuitry with a Master Volume and an Accutronics 3-spring Reverb tank. All of this is mounted in a head cabinet with metal grill. This amp works great for Guitar with one of our open back guitar cabinets.  I is also a great sounding bass amp with a solid punchy tone when combined with our 115-HO ported high output bass cabinets. 

I can also build this amp for you as a "British Amp", using two EL34 power tubes for 45W. 

Note - Thanks to Brian Feist of the Blues Redemption for field testing the Classic Reverb!


This is the 2nd Version of the Model One Guitar amp. It is a TRUE All Tube Class A Modeling Amplifier. 

It has four distinct modes selectable from the front panel: Early, Tweed, Blackface and Modern. 
I will post more pictures, pricing and a Product Flyer about the Model One Combo amp in the near future.

Custom 45W Bass/Guitar Combo Amp "The Robot Amp"

Separate Bass and Guitar channels with true mix Function

Green Tolex with Almond Accents