Specializing in Vintage Amp Repair and Restoration, Custom Vacuum Tube Amps and Cabinets for Musicians.
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I am in the process of establishing a web store.  However, this will take some time!


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Note April 28, 2012  -  I still plan to offer the Vintage Effects Unit.   The Vintage Effects product (Model VE-01) has been field tested and is working great!

I will post more information, when I have it available for purchase.  I plan on offering the unit in the $600-650 price range.

The unit sits on top of your amplifier, and combines both an all Tube Reverb, using either a short tank, or a full size Accutronics spring reverb tank; combined with

an all tube Vibrato effect (Called a Tremolo Effect by an unnamed amp company). You plug your guitar into the unit, and then connect it to your guitar amps Input Jack.

It also comes with a traditional 2 button footswitch. 


Dale Murrow