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Bass Guitar Sound Clips
Model One Bass Amp
                Clip 1 - Model One Bass Amp set to be clean. (Gain medium, Master medium).                           M1-B Clean.mp3
                Clip 2 - Model One Bass Amp set with Gain High, Tone Controls cranked, fairly well driven.           M1-B Dirty.mp3
Notes on the recordings:
The bass sound clips were performed by William Field, and recorded by yours truly. 
The left side of the clips was recorded with a Shure SM57 placed in front of an Old School Amps 110-B cabinet with an Eminence B102 speaker.
The right side of the clips was recorded using the Line Out jack on the rear directly into a mixing console. No Direct Box was used.  
If you pan them you can compare the sound of the speaker versus the Line Out connections.                


Guitar Sound Clips
Model One Guitar Amp                 

                  Clip 1 - Les Paul, "Lead Blues"  Frequency Compensation switch ON.             Model 1 Les Paul Lead Blues.mp3

                  Clip 2 - Stratocaster, "Blues Rythym",  Frequency Compensation switch ON.   Model 1 Strat Blues Rhythm.mp3
                  Clip 3 - Stratocaster, "Jazz", Frequency Compensation switch OFF.                Model 1 Strat Jazz.mp3  
                  Clip 4 - Les Paul, "Rock" Frequency Compensation switch OFF.                     Model 1 Les Paul Rock.mp3
Classic Reverb Guitar Amp 

                  Clip 1 - Les Paul,  Presence control at 12pm. Reverb ON.                               Reverb 1.mp3

                  Clip 2 - Les Paul,  Presence control at 12pm. Reverb ON.                               Reverb 2.mp3
The artist on the sound clips is Brian Feist, my favorite blues guitarist. The recordings were engineered by Alex Gaziano. Thanks Guys!  I couldn't have done this without your help. 

Alex used a very minimalist approach when recording the amps.  He used an SM57 in the close mike position and a Carvin condenser microphone about 6 feet away to pick up the rooms ambience.  Brian just plugged his guitars into the amp directly. here were no effects added.  I think the recordings accurately reflect what the amps sound like.



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